We work with Boards and senior leaders to improve their effectiveness

SCT works at the highest level of businesses and in the public sector on Board evaluation and Executive Team development.  We also act as trusted advisors to CEOs and senior leaders, providing practical advice and support on how to lead for growth, how to change the way organisations work, including their values and behaviours, organisational structure, strategic direction and which metrics and measures to use to achieve real change.


The way we work is distinctive.  After many years of consulting we know that clients want solutions, not a better definition of the problem, or to be told a better question to ask.  Our clients want evidence-based advice that will work.  We combine first class analysis with practical, business-like advice. 


Our Board evaluation work is done in order to leave a company stronger and better, not just as a box ticking exercise.  We do this by drawing on our knowledge of what is required of a Board and best practice, combined with a practical understanding of how Boards really work. 


Our strategic business advisors work closely with clients, often on a one to one basis to bring real world ideas, solutions, support and advice.  We have a well-earned reputation and strong track record in our field, capitalising on the best international research, analysis and experience.